Wilton Cardinal Gregory says Biden is a 'cafeteria Catholic' – “He highlights and picks out dimensions of the religion whereas ignoring and even contradicting different components” (Video)


Wilton Cardinal GregoryThe Archdiocese of Washington was on CBS's “Face the Nation” Sunday morning to debate the Catholic religion.

Specifically, he commented on Joe Biden's religion and tried to elucidate how he views his Catholic religion.

“I might say he’s very true to his beliefs. However like many Catholics, he chooses to focus on some dimensions of the religion and ignore and even deny different components. There's a phrase we've used prior to now, 'cafeteria Catholic' – you select what's enticing, and reject what's difficult,” the archbishop mentioned.


Maybe Cardinal Gregory had a degree when he talked about “ignoring and even denying different components.”

Biden offended hundreds of thousands of Christians when he declared “Transgender Day of Visibility” which falls on Easter this 12 months.

So on Christianity's holiest day, Biden's focus was extra on transgender “dignity” than Easter, which is definitely the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In a fair additional insult to Christians and People, Joe Biden banned Christian-themed art work for the White Home Easter Artwork Contest.

A flyer for the occasion truly said that no “overtly spiritual themes” had been allowed, amongst different burdensome guidelines.

It was a contest for youngsters which reveals that the Biden regime will do something to wreck a enjoyable occasion.

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