Trump criticizes 'extraordinarily biased' choose after being threatened with arrest if he doesn't seem in hush cash trial


Stay informed about Donald Trump's hush money trial and the consequences he faces if he does not attend the court proceedings.
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The judge presiding over Donald Trump's 'hush money' trial warned that if the former president does not attend court proceedings each day, he will be arrested.

The trial, which began Monday with multiple motions and jury selection, has attracted considerable attention. This is historical in nature and may have implications for Trump's political and legal future.

Jesse Rodriguez, MSNBC's vice president of editorial and booking, reported the matter on social media.

“Trump has to be in the courtroom every day for the duration of his criminal trial,” he writes.

“If you don't come there will be arrest,” Rodriguez told Judge Juan Merchan.

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Trump hush money judge threatens arrest

A transcript of the New York court proceedings provided by NBC News shows the seriousness of Merchan's threat.

“If you willfully fail to appear in court when required, any proceedings in your case, including the hearing, trial and, if you are convicted, sentencing, may continue in your absence,” He says.

“A warrant for your arrest will be issued and no matter what happens in this case, you will be tried separately and given a separate punishment for bail jumping. do you understand?”

The potential GOP presidential nominee spoke out against Merchan's decision on Truth Social. He notes that the judge is essentially blocking him from attending his son's high school graduation. Not to mention barring him from participating in Supreme Court debate on immunity claims in another criminal case.

“In addition to being banned from attending my son Barron's high school graduation, I just learned that the highly partisan judge in the witch hunt case of Soros-appointed DA Alvin Bragg will not allow me to participate in the historic presidential immunity argument of the United States Supreme Court,” he writes.

“This shows such blatant disdain and disrespect for the Supreme Court of our country, especially for a subject as important as presidential immunity, without which our country would never be the same!”

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keep him off the campaign trail

Trump also posted a clip of Fox News personality Laura Ingraham commenting on his 'hush money' affair. Ingraham says sure, the left will do that Love former president jailed

But if that doesn't work, the judge's decision gives them another award.

“Their ultimate fantasy is undoubtedly a guilty verdict,” Ingraham says. “But even less, they hope Donald Trump will be kept off the campaign trail — and any kind of details will emerge. All this will change the situation for Biden in November.

“At the end of the day, you can't take the risk that the people are actually electing their own president.”

This legal trial over alleged 'hush cash' funds to porn star Stormy Daniels is virtually unprecedented.

You could recall that John Edwards, who was at one level a key chief in the course of the 2008 Democrat primaries, was indicted by a federal grand jury in North Carolina on six felony prices stemming from efforts to hide an affair utilizing marketing campaign contributions. Was ordained.

The Justice Division accused him of donating almost $1 million to his pregnant mistress.

However the matter couldn’t progress a lot additional. Edwards was acquitted of 1 marketing campaign finance violation cost, whereas the others resulted in a mistrial. The DOJ later dropped the costs and declined to re-prosecute.

Why? As a result of his presidential marketing campaign was ruined and Edwards moved away from politics. If Trump weren’t operating, and he weren’t a risk to President Biden, this trial most likely wouldn’t be taking place.

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