Hamas supporters protest at group's NJ synagogue occasion to assist bury victims of terrorism (Video)


Image: YouTube screenshot

On Monday night, Congregation B'nai Yeshurun, an Orthodox synagogue in Teaneck, NJ, hosted an event with Zaka.

ZAKA, a religious volunteer organization founded in 1995, responds to terrorist attacks, disasters, accidents and assassinations throughout Israel, providing assistance in the form of trained paramedics and collecting the remains of the dead, including their blood, so that they can be cremated. Can be buried. Jewish religious law.

Zaka was there to share his work as well as what he saw following the October 7 Hamas terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians.

The Hamas-supporting terrorist glorification group, Within Our Lifetime (WOL), organized a protest outside the synagogue. Yes, WOL organized a protest against an organization that buries victims of terrorists.

Led by Nerdine Kiswani, WOL's slogan is “Resistance, by any means necessary,” and takes its name from the desire for “the complete destruction of the State of Israel within his lifetime.”

However, Teaneck came out strongly against the terrorist lovers.

Warning, strong language:

Professional-Hamas protesters have focused Teaneck in current weeks. The New York Publish experiences that, over the previous few weekends, “a automotive rally known as 'All Out for Palestine' has focused town, which is residence to the second-largest Jewish inhabitants in New Jersey.”

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