SNL ruins Christian grifter Trump for Easter


SNL dissects Trump's Bible-selling and leanings toward Christianity just in time for Easter.

SNL Trump said:

It's Easter, the time of year when I compare myself to Jesus, it's the only thing I do now, and people don't mind. I will keep doing this. If you think this is the evil eye, imagine how awkward it would be if I started selling Bibles. Well, I'm selling Bibles. Check out this beautiful Bible made from 100% Bible. This sounds like a joke, and in many ways it is, but it's also very funny. As you know, I love the Bible. This is my favorite book. I have definitely read it.

My favorite part is probably the ending, how it all ends. But this is a very special Bible. And it can be yours for the high, high price of $60. But I'm not doing this for money. I'm doing it for the glory of God, for my own pleasure and mostly for the money. But this is very sad. Religion and Christianity have completely vanished from this country and we need them back.

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Without religion, you don't have laws, you don't have mission trips. I've been told mission trips are a lot of fun. You go to Mexico, build a house, maybe have sex with someone on the last night. Then it's back to Clearwater, Florida as if it never happened. But you will love my new and even better Bible. It comes with everything you want from the Bible, like the Easter story, which mainly deals with Jesus, not the rabbit. The rabbit was never seen. He is alright. Now, my Bible also includes some beautiful pictures like Moses floating down the river in the basket, and uh-oh, look out, here's the t-rump in the basket. Just behind Moses is going to pass on the left. And here I am in the Garden of Eden with my real body. You know, I think I'd be pretty good at saying 'no' to a snake from the standpoint of not liking fruit. And here's Noah's ark, all the animals are on the ark, there's me yelling at Noah, hey, buddy, you forgot the raccoon.


Anyway, it's Easter Eve, so let's bow our heads – I'm not going – and say the Lord's Prayer, which we all know so well, especially me. Our Father who art in heaven, holy beep beep, bing bing, bing bing bing, bing bing, bing bing, trespass, daily bread, and please lead us into temptation, and pay off our automobiles. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Easter Bunny, Amen.


It's all a hoax. Everybody is aware of it's a hoax. Even evangelical Christians who help Trump know they’re taking part in with a swindler. The truth is that they don't care. Their “spiritual values” imply nothing to them. They need a president who will ban abortion and deal with them like one other constituency to please.

Trump is a joke, however Republicans hold nominating him as a result of he received as soon as, and so they need so badly to imagine he can win once more and get the extremist insurance policies they need.

The most effective factor Donald Trump has completed for the nation is to show the fraudulence of Christianity by his habits.

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